The Polesaver product is a durable sleeve that is applied to the base of a telegraph pole before it is mounted in the ground. It significantly increases the usable lifespan of a pole, but only if it is installed correctly.

I was commissioned to build an app to provide guidance on the optimal way to install the product, so it could be used by technicians in the field during installation.

The app was built from a specification and detailed set of designs using React Native, and made available for iPhone and Android on the relevant app stores.

One particular challenge was making the content available when offline, as often poles are installed in remote locations where there is no mobile signal. To support this use case, videos and images were optimised for each platform and bundled with the app.

The app continues to be used in areas where telegraph poles are installed. The videos in particular are very useful for training new installers, saving on the cost of in-person training and reducing the amount of sleeve wastage in the field.